50Naimah is available to teach workshops in your region. She focuses on smooth technique, enhancing body awareness and amplifying stage presence.

Some workshop topics include but are not limited to:

NEW! Professional Development: Level – Intermediate to Advanced

We are all students of this dance but what makes you a professional is how you choose to represent yourself. This workshop will prepare you for starting your business and offer tips on marketing. We will discuss what is expected of you as a professional and how patience can help you in the long run. Success stories will be shared to take much of the guess work out of what works and what does not. We will also focus on how to go about obtaining your goals in an ethical manner. This lesson will also provide information on how to increase the quality of your performance to offer your audience a memorable representation of the art form. Take your dance training to the next level!

This workshop can be arranged as one and a half to three hour seminar.

NEW! Choreography Craftsmanship: Level – Intermediate to Advanced

The art of composing can be a difficult task for any art form. This workshop offers tools to break down the mechanics of building creative and dimensional works of art. There will be discussions and drills to challenge your cognitive process and conquer those mental blocks. This lesson will also provide tips on leaving your “quality of mark” in your pieces.

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Where to start
  • Different methods for writing choreography
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Transitions
  • Formations
  • Shapes
  • Self trust
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Storytelling and more

This workshop is great for soloists and troupes. It can be arranged as an 8 hour intensive series or condensed into a one and a half hour seminar.


Slow and Sweet (formerly known as Liquid Combos) – Fluid movements drilled and arranged into flowing combinations

Dramatic Fusion – Adding theatrical elements to your performance with emphasis on theme, character development and stage presence.

Popping, Locking and Tick Tocking for Bellydancers – Controlled isolations used to dramatize certain accents in the music. *Musician/Beatboxer Shodekah is available upon request for rhythmic accompaniment.

Icing on the Cake – And for dessert… Add more depth to your performance and turn your body into a layered slice of cake of assorted flavors. Icing on the cake is a layering technique workshop where foundational movements are done similtaneously with various timing to accent several different nuaces in the music at once. Moves are later put together to create innovative combinations. Bon apetite!

Musicality – Discover which movements adhere to the multiple nuances in music.

The Bewitching Blade – The art of dancing with a scimitar/sword. *Students will need to come prepared with well balanced swords.

Fluid Mechanism – Bold and Dynamic tribal fusion combinations
Naimah has often straddled the lines of gothic and urban subcultures. This workshop offers the best of both worlds. These combinations will consist of dynamic, hip hop, pop and lock movement and bold, gothic emotion and expression for an all around intense performance. (Being offered at Spring Caravan 2010)

Brute Force – Killer drills and combinations to fierce industrial beats. Creat for cardiovascular fitness. Resistance is futile. oontz, oontz…

K.O.– A knock out heavy metal drum solo workshop. This high intensity workshop will include a warm up and drills that are guaranteed to make you sweat. Followed by a high energy drum solo choreography to menacing beats. Resistance is once again futile.

Tribal Fusion Costuming on a Budget – Even in this economy you can look fabulous and professional!! This is a fun and short seminar. Students are expected to bring a sewing kit, bra, embellishments and a creative mind.