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_SVP0799-Edit_SVP0837-Edit _SVC6781 _SVC6933_SVP0815-EditAmandari is a dance company that was formed in 2008 with founding members Naimah (director), Patti, Mandy Rust and Jeanne Gary. Jeanne Gary was the one who bestowed upon them the lovely name of Amandari meaning “peaceful spirit”.

Since then Amandari has grown in numbers and was split into two parts. The original idea behind the split was to have a “light side” and a “dark side” which would be represented through movement, costuming and music. The “light side”is known as Amandari Aurora whereas the “dark side” is known as Amandari Nocturna. Over time the lines have blurred to not restrict the creative process.

In 2010 Amandari became the “Alternative Fusion Troupe Champion” at the Belly Dance Nationals. During this time the troupe became recognized for their eclectically unique approach to belly dance.

Amandari is now 3 parts, Aurora, Northern Lights and Amethyst. Today Amandari is still moving strong with over 20 members.